I have enjoyed researching different topics for as long as I can remember.

I have many memories of visiting the library as a child. I’d research and take notes on ideas, questions and problems I wanted to solve. Then I would look for ways to implement ideas in a meaningful way.

I didn’t know it then but I was clearly interested in the idea of continuous improvement at a fairly young age.

The word “evolve” has always appealed to me. I have always sought opportunities & methodologies for becoming a better person, building better processes, and being more efficient.

Another word that has always called to me is “engage”. I enjoy interacting with others. Helping people and businesses improve has truly been my life’s work and passion.

If I had to pick one central theme that has been consistently appealing it would the idea of making things better.

Over the years I have shared these ideas, articles, quotes and information via many of my personal social media accounts but recently I have been feeling a desire to share in a more organized manner and perhaps expand the way I engage with people that are interested in same or similar topics.

So here we are at EverBetter Ideas. I don’t have a formal plan for this space but am excited to see where it goes.

Welcome & thanks for stopping by.

Kathy Howe



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