I am wildly interested in my own personal and professional development.  Improving my health, the way I communicate, my relationships, and nearly every other aspect of my life is incredibly important to me.

I’d be crazy if it wasn’t.

YOUR well-being is also important to me.  Whether it is you as an individual or your organization that is need of assistance, I am here to help.

I get asked about my rates and some people have hesitated to engage with me because they are afraid that they cannot afford me.  I could give you some cheeky reply like “you can’t afford to NOT have me” but the reality is, we are all operating on limited in

comes and sometimes there is nothing extra to give for these kinds of development efforts.  No matter how badly we want or need them.

So here is the real answer to the question:

My rates can, and oftentimes WILL, be customized to meet your needs and your budget.

I have done pro bono work and I have done work in exchange for other goods and services.  If you think I might be able to assist you, reach out.  Let’s chat.  I’m certain we can make something happen.